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Feature Layers vs Tile Layers

  • Feature layers support vector feature querying, visualization, and editing. Feature layers are most appropriate for visualizing data on top of your basemaps. In web apps, feature layers are drawn by the browser and support interactive highlighting, queries, and pop-ups. Tile layers support fast map visualization using a collection of predrawn map images, or tiles. Tile layers are appropriate for basemaps that give your maps geographic context.

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Global - Useful Layers

Global - Useful Data

Europe - Useful Layers

Switzerland - Useful Data

Switzerland - Useful Layers

  • [Administrative limits]  Communes_2013 - Feature layer
  • Swisstopo data sets are available as online services. They are published in Swiss projection so you cannot add them to a standard web Mercator online basemap. Instead, you need to add an image service from Swisstopo as a basemap and then add on top other layers you may be interested in:

    1. Open the Map Viewer > Add Layer from Web > A WMTS OGC Service > Enter the URL > Choose a basemap layer like “National Map 1:25’000” and enable the checkbox “Use as Basemap”.

    2. Repeat the same process to add operational layers to your map, but don’t check “Use as Basemap”.

    3. To find the legends for the various layers explore

  • All the layers available on can be added > Add Layer from Web > A WMS OGC Web Service > Enter the URL [the list is in German].
  • [Extreme Environments] Swiss Avalanches 2012-2014 - Web map

Switzerland - Geneva - Useful Layers

Switzerland - Valais - Useful Layers

  • Add > Search for Layers > In: ArcGIS Online > Find: valais

Switzerland - Vaud - Useful Layers

  • Add layer from Web > WMS OGC > enter the following URL:

United Kingdom - Useful Data

United Kingdom - Useful Layers

  • [Administrative limits] Output Areas - Feature layer
    • OAs [181,408] are the lowest geographical level at which census estimates are released. They are used as statistical building blocks from which all estimates for higher geographies are built
  • [Administrative limits] Lower Layer Super Output Areas - Feature layer
    • LSOA [34,753] have a minimum of 1,000 residential population (an average of 1,600) and 400 households (an average of 650).
  • [EsriUKedteam] Content on ArcGIS Online e.g. Ethnic Group - Pakistani - Tile layer

France - Useful Layers

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