Opening Tango Teach

"Tango Teach is designed to simplify the use of digital teaching resources within the classroom. It provides an easy way to collate and store your media and then easily deliver it within your lessons with no special training necessary. If you need any additional content, Tango Teach allows you to search for YouTube videos and Google images directly from the software." Source


To find and open Tango Teach:

  1. On your school provided laptop - click on the 'Windows' icon in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.
  2. Click 'All apps' > scroll down until you find the Tango Teach folder > click on it > click on 'Tango Config Editor'.
  3. In the Tango Config Editor ensure the 'Touch input sources' are set to 'Windows Native Touch' only > click OK. You only have to do this once - the computer will remember this setting.
  4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 and click on 'Tango'.
  5. Click 'New category' - may I suggest a year level - for example: 'Y13'
  6. Click on the category you have created.
  7. Click on 'New subcategory' - may I suggest the name of a class for example: 'HL Geo'
  8. Click on the subcategory you have created.
  9. Click 'New lesson' > the workspace should load and you are ready to use Tango Teach.

I will be posting more support over the coming weeks. If you would like some face-to-face support please just email me [].