Setting up the Google Drive app on your laptop or desktop

As an educational user of 'Google Apps for Education' Google Drive is an unlimited storage location for all your files. Google Drive online will host many, many different file types - videos, images, Microsoft Office files etc - it is not just the home of your Google Docs!

If you install the Google Drive app on your laptop it allows you to have a local folder that stays in sync with your online Google Drive. Anything you put in the laptop's Google Drive folder will be uploaded to your Google Drive online. Any changes you make to your Google Drive online will be synced to your Google Drive folder on your laptop.

As the contents of your Google Drive on your laptop are synced with your Google Drive online - keeping all your files in your laptop Google Drive folder is an excellent back up strategy. If your laptop was lost or damaged all you would need to do is install and activate Google Drive on a new device and all your files would be downloaded for you.

Installing and activating the Google Drive app on your laptop

The Google Drive app is already installed on Ecolint staff laptops - it just needs to be activated.

Students will need to download and install the Google Drive app. The app can be downloaded by clicking on the 'cog' in Google Drive > clicking 'Download Drive' > and then by following the instructions on the screen.

Ecolint staff need to click on the 'Start' button in the bottom left hand corner of their school laptop screen. In the search box which appears just above the 'Start' button type 'Google Drive' and then click on 'Google Drive' from the list above.

As part of the activation process you will need to log into your (or students accounts.

This will create a folder on your laptop called 'Google Drive' and start syncing it's contents with your online Google Drive. This may take a while depending upon how much content you have in your Google Drive.

If you need any help with this process - please seek support from the Technology for Learning Coordinator.